Home LED light selection guide 2022?

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Originally expensive LED lamps have been rapidly popularized in recent years due to falling prices and have entered the homes of ordinary people, and have become the best choice for replacing fluorescent energy-saving lamps. Due to the low entry threshold and the uneven quality of practitioners, the country has issued relevant mandatory quality standards, but they have not been implemented effectively. At present, the LED lighting market can only be described by a word “chaotic”. Because consumers do not understand LED lamps, they also use “light or not” as the standard to test the quality of lamps and lanterns. They pursue low prices, which provides an opportunity for irresponsible manufacturers and individuals. They cater to the psychology of consumers seeking low prices, and reduce the cost of products through various methods, such as cutting corners, substandard products as genuine products, using unconventional driving solutions, and reducing testing links to increase shipments and maximize profits. 

How should we choose LED lamps?

Lamps are used for lighting, but “bright or not” is no longer the main criterion for judging the quality of LED lamps (brighter lamps may be more harmful). In addition to the lighting function of LED lamps and the advantages of energy saving and power saving, we should pay more attention to the safety of LED lamps. Compared with the advantages of energy saving and power saving, safe LED lamps are good lamps, because it is related to the health of consumers, affects the daily life of consumers, and even lifelong happiness.

Compared with energy-saving fluorescent lamps, some commercially available LED light sources have poor lighting quality, which often makes people feel dazzling. Especially for indoor lighting, there are not many high-quality LED lighting products in the domestic market, and low-priced and inferior products flood the market. To choose high-quality LED lamps, we suggest do the following:

1. To prevent the harm of "Blue Light" or "Rich Blue Light", choose low color temperature LED lamps

According to the color temperature comparison table of conventional light sources mentioned above, it is not difficult to find that the color temperature of traditional lamps, including incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, is lower than that of summer sunlight. When we were young, our parents told us, “Don’t read in the sun”, how can we “run streaking” under the high color temperature LED lights now?

There are different proportions of ultraviolet and blue spectral segments in the spectrum of LEDs, and the blue part of visible light will damage the retinal pigment layer. High color temperature LED lamps will not only cause damage to human eyes, but also cause color weakness and visual fatigue. Non-standard LED lighting may widely cause insomnia, dizziness, headache, emotional disorders and other extensive nervous system dysfunction.

Studies have shown that LED lights with high color temperature contain more blue and green light, which has a strong awakening effect and can create a serious and quiet atmosphere. In the color temperature light environment, the secretion of melatonin will be seriously inhibited and the biological rhythm of the human body will be disturbed, especially the peak period of melatonin secretion within 3 hours after midnight. If you don’t live according to the rhythm of the biological clock for a long time, you will suffer from sleep disorders or serious harm to your body, and increase chances of developing breast cancer or other cancers.

Therefore, LED light sources with medium and low color temperature (natural white and warm white) should be used for living and office lighting in the living room. At the same time, glare must be controlled, no stroboscopic, and an even illumination distribution should be strived for. Especially for children, a high color rendering light source with a color temperature of ≤ 3500K should be selected.

2. Don't pursue low-priced LED lamps, but buy high-quality LED lamps

It is more appropriate to use “You get what you pay for” to describe LED lamps. The price difference between high-quality lamp beads and inferior lamp beads is about 5 times, or even higher. The price difference between high-quality power supplies and inferior power supplies is more than 10 times, and if compared with imported power supplies, the price difference is nearly 50 times. Inferior lamps are cheap, but not only have a short lifespan, but also have considerable hazards. It is like buying a time bomb. The difference is that the impact of inferior lamps on people is subtle. , the loss has been caused and cannot be recovered.

The purchase cost of high-quality LED lamps is high, but the service life is long. The key is safety and reliability, and there is almost no harm to the human body. In the production process of high-quality LED lamps, various factors are considered, including product design life and product safety. Every production process is strictly inspected to ensure that zero-defect products enter the market and ensure product safety.

Some people say that if you buy 10 cheap products for the price of one high-quality product, the service life will always exceed that of high-quality products. If you simply consider the lighting function of the luminaire, without considering the safety risk, this idea is correct. But if the damage is caused by poor quality lamps, the money saved is far less than the loss.

3. Don't blindly believe in brands, but pursue valuable products

Many countries have introduced mandatory quality standards for LED lamps, but individual small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those unlicensed small workshops or sellers, turn a deaf ear to national standards and sell low-quality LED lamps by providing certificates from other companies. In order to survive and seize market share, individual brand enterprises have to cater to the wrong consumer psychology of consumers and take various measures to reduce costs to expand sales.

There are two sentences on the packaging of the LED lamps sold at the brand counters of some supermarkets. “The service life of this product can reach 150,000 hours.” LED lamps are enough, and then another sentence appeared on the packaging, “the service life and warranty period of the product are different”, and then carefully checked, in a very inconspicuous place, marked “the warranty period is only one year”. This is pure “flickering”!

4. Don't trust the seller's words, Check and Compare

There are dazzling lamps and lanterns on the market, especially the e-commerce products are PS/packaged. All kinds of propaganda and bragging by sellers have all turned into high-quality products. But the reality is cruel, not as seen online. When buying a lamp, you must confirm whether there is a certificate for the lamp, and ask the seller to agree to take it for testing. If it does not meet the requirements, the seller will be responsible for the relevant costs and bear the corresponding consequences. You can see the strobe by taking pictures of the lights. If you find that there are various lines when taking pictures, there must be stroboscopic. The color rendering index can be identified by observing the palm. If you see the hands often have clear texture and ruddy color under the light, which is similar to that seen under natural light, it means that the apparent color index is high; if you see that the hands are often blurred, like a layer of white gauze, it means that the apparent color index is low.

Therefore,don’t be blinded when buying LED lamps. Compare various parameters and select products that meet safety regulations.

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