Floor Lamp Buying Guide in 2022

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1. What is a floor lamp

Floor Lamp is generally composed of bracket, lampshade and light source. The bracket or base is matched with the lampshade. There are many kinds of light sources, such as halogen lamp, energy-saving lamp, LED, etc. At present, the commonly used light source is LED. It is often used in combination with downlights, spotlights, ceiling lamps, etc.

2. Reasons to buy floor lamps

The floor lamp is easy to move, with colorful shapes, either tall and straight, or graceful, with a unique decorative effect. It can be used for auxiliary lighting in living room and bedroom, and can also be used in study room for reading.

When the floor lamp is used as local lighting, it is often used with desks, single chairs, sofas, and TV cabinets, which makes it tasteful and fashionable. As a sofa companion, it is often used in the reception area.

Floor lamps are masters of atmosphere creation!

Compared with the desk lamp, the illumination area of floor lamp is wider. For example, the illuminated area needed to practice the piano is wider, so it is more suitable to use the floor lamp.

When there is no main lamp design, the roof is relatively dark, and the semi-direct floor lamp is used to achieve the effect of light balance.

3. How to choose a floor lamp

By style

Modern fashion

The modern and fashionable floor lamps are mostly made of metal elements, and the shades are mostly solid colors, such as black, gray and white, which are simple and fashionable. Or unique but modern.

Nordic style

Most of the Nordic styles use some natural materials, and most of them are relatively simple. They do not use various ornaments and patterns, and pursue naturalness and practicality. Nordic-style floor lamps will give people a strong sense of exoticism, as if they are in a foreign country.

Chinese classical style

The lamp base is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and the lampshade is mainly made of flannel and silk yarn with Chinese characteristics. It is equipped with Chinese elements such as flowers, birds and ink. The shape is fashionable and dignified, and the light is soft.

According to the type of light output

All-round diffusion

  Without a lampshade, the light diffuses directly around.

Direct light

   It directly illuminates the target area, similar to the function of a desk lamp, and is often used for area lighting, which can be used for reading.


   It has the characteristics of all-round diffusion type and direct lighting type. When the downlight is used alone as the main light design, the ceiling will be relatively dark. You can try this semi-direct lighting type floor lamp to make the overall light appear more uniform.


    It is a kind of indirect lighting. The light emitted by the light source is projected upward to the ceiling and then reflected back. Such reflected light is a kind of diffuse reflection, with soft light and strong atmosphere. But pay attention to the brightness of the upward projection to avoid over-illuminating the top of the ceiling which may cause incongruity.

When choosing Chinese style or modern style, Nordic style, top-lit or direct-lit style, you should pay attention to the color, style and the surrounding space, your own hobbies, usage scenarios, etc. to determine the basic style.


In addition, when choosing lamps, you should also pay attention to the following aspects:


Optical design

Illumination uniformity Illumination level The illuminance of the floor lamp can reach the national standard A level or above. At this time, the illuminance and illuminance uniformity can meet the requirements of general lighting reading and so on. The floor lamp illuminates a larger area and a wider space, which is suitable for a larger range of lighting.

The illumination of the floor lamp, glare, stroboscopic, it should be noted that there is no video flicker, and there is no discomfort such as dizziness under the light, which means that the glare problem of the lamp can be handled.

Color temperature If it is used for lighting such as reading, generally choose a color temperature of 4000k. If it is used to adjust the atmosphere, the color temperature of 3000-3500k is generally used.

Basically, the anti-blue light level need to reach the specified standard, and it is generally required to be above RO0.

Material workmanship, structure and electrical properties

Some floor lamps are made of metal, some are made of wood, and some are made of natural materials or plastics. Lampshades are generally cloth or PVC. The design of the floor lamp is usually very strong, which makes the lamp effect more high-end. The structural design of the floor lamp affects its stability, optical properties and heat dissipation. So when choosing a floor lamp, pay attention to its stability. In addition, Make sure the light of the floor lamp has an anti-glare design so that people will not feel uncomfortable within the illumination range of the floor lamp. There is also the problem of heat dissipation in the light-emitting part of the floor lamp. Poor heat dissipation treatment will affect the service life of the lamp.

Smart selection

Most of the smart floor lamps have rich functions, such as being able to be controlled by a remote control, turning off the lights after a delay, turning the lights on and off regularly, and so on.

According to the application scenario, most of them use floor lamps with better illumination, such as piano practice. The living room generally chooses a simple and elegant floor lamp with a color temperature of about 4000k. The bedroom generally chooses fabric, mood, floor lamps with a color temperature of about 3500k.

RGB floor corner light can be selected, and the color change of the light can be controlled by the remote control.


The current light source of floor lamps is generally LED light sources. Although LEDs are more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps and other light sources, when converting electrical energy into light energy, some of them are still converted into heat energy. The LED chip emits light, and the chip is afraid of heat. Heat will cause the junction temperature of the chip to rise, which will reduce the luminous flux. If the luminous flux is only 70% of the original, it means that the life of the LED has expired. This results in a shorter lifespan of LED lamps. Therefore, LED lamps consider heat dissipation from the inside of the chip, mainly using good chip bonding materials with high thermal conductivity, and mainly using good heat dissipation materials and heat dissipation structure design from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the floor lamp well, and the place where the floor lamp is placed should be conducive to heat dissipation.

The lampshade of the floor lamp is easily contaminated with dust. So if you are afraid of trouble, you can choose a plastic lampshade that is easy to clean, rather than some more difficult to clean lampshades with hollow craftsmanship. Floor lamps should be cleaned and maintained frequently to keep them beautiful and prolong their service life. In addition, you should pay attention to how long the warranty period is when purchasing lamps and lanterns.


Floor lamps are stable on the base and may move frequently. So be sure to choose a more stable base. It is safer to use this way. Is there any relevant certification. Some lamps are also subjected to vibration test, salt spray test and so on. The more certifications, the more guarantees the product has.

The most important thing in the choice of floor lamps is color temperature, because floor lamps focus on regulating people’s mood and atmosphere. Then the color temperature plays a very critical role. According to relevant research, high color temperature can stimulate the human brain, making the human brain more awake, but long-term stimulation will make people tired, which is why the classroom recommends the use of high color temperature products, but the color temperature should not be too high. In the same way, floor lamps are also often used for office work, so it is recommended to choose a moderate color temperature for study and office work, 4000k is a good choice. Sometimes when I turn on the floor lamp to chat with relatives and friends, the color temperature of about 3500k makes people feel relaxed and the atmosphere is better, so the floor lamp is also an atmosphere lamp. So if you put it on the head of the bed, sometimes you open it to read a book before going to bed. At this time, it is more suitable to use a color temperature of about 3000k, because the light of this color temperature will promote the secretion of melatonin and help people fall asleep. But it is worth noting that you should not use low color temperature and high brightness at the same time, because the whole atmosphere is easy to appear depressing.

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