2022 mouse pad selection guide


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How to choose the right mouse pad for you?

The mouse pad is a peripheral product that can’t help you in the snow, but it can be the icing on the cake in many cases. There are many mouse pad products on the market, and you can consider the following dimensions when choosing.

1. Purpose

First of all, clarify your main purpose. If you use it for a long time, you can choose a mouse pad with a wrist rest, which can better relax your shoulders and neck and reduce fatigue.

If it is used for games, you can choose a mouse pad with a slightly higher price. If you have requirements for the color of the light, you can choose an RGB mouse pad. If it is just for normal use, you can choose a cost-effective product.

RGB mouse pads are very suitable for game scenes, such as Rapoo V10RGB. The magic light strips of Rapoo V10RGB (cosair picture) are distributed around, and the surround transformation is particularly beautiful, and it can be seen more clearly in low light conditions. But don’t think it’s just a vase that glows!

These days, we are embarrassed to come out without any smart attributes. So Rapoo took this into consideration and added an additional wireless charging function to the V10RGB mouse pad, which is very meaningful.

Here I have to mention the Rapoo VT350Q wireless mouse, which is a gaming mouse in itself, and does not make the lights particularly exaggerated like some brands, only can light up in the mode and logo. This wireless mouse can be charged through the mouse pad.

Of course, if you want to choose other brands of RGB mouse pads, you can also choose CORSAIR or custom RGB mouse pads

For gaming mouse pads, size is also an important consideration. Generally, there are the following sizes to choose from:

W 320 x L 270 mm 

W470 x L 390 mm 

W900 x L 400 mm long 

2. Price

There are big differences between mouse pads on the market. If there are no special requirements for mouse pads, you don’t need to deliberately buy mouse pads that are too expensive. Of course, if you are not very insensitive to price, you can buy whatever you want. Usually ,we can buy according to our budget.

3. Material

There are many materials for mouse pads, including cloth pads, resin pads, etc. The popularity of cloth pads is slightly higher. If the requirements for smoothness are not very high, cloth pads can basically meet daily needs.

For gaming mouse pads, the materials are mainly divided into two categories:

1. Cloth gaming mouse pads;

2. Hard gaming mouse pads;

Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Mainly using rubber or cloth as raw materials. This type of mouse pad has a large friction force, which is convenient for the movement and positioning of the mechanical mouse. Another advantage is that it is affordable.



-Easy to absorb sweat

-Easy to get dirty

-Comfortable to use in winter without feeling cold

-Easy to carry

In addition, there are two types of the edge of the cloth mouse pad, wrapped and not wrapped.

The edging design category is relatively durable. Some mouse pads are slightly thicker, such as 3mm or more. If they are not edging, there will be a clear edge. Some players may not like it, but I prefer the design without edging. It’s varies from person to person.

Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Most of them are made of plastic and various mixtures. These mouse pads have little resistance and are more advantageous in terms of wear resistance.

-Harder than cloth

-Very easy to slide

-The mouse pad is still clean after long-term use

-May feel cold in winter

4. Brand

Brand is also an important factor in choosing a mouse pad. Famous brand mouse pads will still be more solid in terms of workmanship and materials, and they will be more secure in terms of after-sales. If there is no special favorite brand, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger brand mouse pad. Error-prone.

How do I maintain it once I have the right mouse pad?

First let’s take a look at how to clean a mouse pad with RGB?

The first step is to look at the structure and material of the mouse pad. If the electrical part can be removed, it can basically be cleaned like a normal mouse pad. If the electrical part cannot be removed, it is mainly wiped with a damp cloth after the power is turned off, and surfaces such as resin and metal can be wiped directly. If it is a cloth surface, you can try to use a spray type cleaning agent, spray it on a white rag and wipe it, but you need to test it in an inconspicuous place to see if it will wipe off the color. We can’t use it if it fades.

After wiping with liquid, be sure to let it dry for a while before turning it on. Qtherwise the circuit will burns out because of the liquid.

How to wash a normal mouse pad?

Here’s how to clean your mouse pad yourself

First, we can prepare four things:

1. Toothbrush. Choosing soft bristles or moderate softness one. Don’t choose hard bristles because hard bristles are easy to brush the mouse pad.

2. Washing powder or laundry detergent. There is no requirement for this. I use washing powder which is cheap and easy to use.

3.75% alcohol.

4. Four towels.

Ready to wash

Rinse the mouse pad with water first.

Sprinkle a layer of washing powder on the mouse pad. It doesn’t matter if you sprinkle too much. Then pour a little water to dissolve the washing powder, but don’t pour too much water.

Then start brushing with a small toothbrush.

Brush sideways first;

Then brush upright;

Brush slant again.

It’s better to brush it several times, so that it can be cleaned. I brushed it, washed it, again and again for three times.

After the brushing is almost done, rinse it. And then rinse it and brush it several times, otherwise there will be unwashed detergent solution on the mouse pad.

After brushing, you can come out of the toilet.

After coming out, shake the mouse pad to get rid of some of the water on it

Then take out the towel and lay it flat on the table.


Put the mouse pad on


Then spread another towel, like making a sandwich


Then start pressing


Press row by row, and press each position, so that the moisture on the mouse pad will be quickly absorbed by the dry towel.

Didn’t I prepare four towels earlier, just press two back and forth.

After two presses back and forth, the mouse pad is almost dry.

Finally, sterilize.

At this time, take out the fourth item, alcohol.

The mouse pad has a lot of bacteria on it after a long time, so it needs to be sterilized. Just spray a layer of alcohol on the mouse pad.

After doing this, let the mouse pad dry for a while. After half an hour, the alcohol can be used directly after volatilization.

I hope everyone can choose a mouse pad that suits , so that we can have a comfortable environment whether it is for office or gaming.

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